The Pros and Cons of AirPods 1st Gen

When choosing the best Bluetooth headphones for your needs, it’s crucial to consider the features, the cases, and the price of Apple’s AirPods 1st generation. But there are also some cons that you need to know. Let’s explore them now. We’ll also take a look at social awkwardness and the price. Read on to decide which is right for you. If you’re a regular user of Bluetooth headphones, it’s easy to make the best decision for yourself.


With the Apple AirPods, you can instantly turn on your music, adjust volume, or even activate Siri. The devices automatically connect to your iPhone, iPad, or Mac. Once connected, AirPods play music, and can switch from listening to your phone to your Mac, iPad, or Apple TV. They also support Siri-enabled features like asking Siri to help you find directions or set the volume to your desired level.

Next-generation AirPods are based on the H1 chipset. This chip delivers better wireless connectivity. They are believed to connect to calls 1.5 times faster than their predecessors. The H1 chip provides lower latency, faster switching between devices, and Siri support. You can also use Siri without taking your iPhone or iPad out of your pocket. The Apple AirPods 2 have similar features to the original version, but are significantly faster.

Apple’s AirPods connect via Bluetooth. This feature allows you to listen to music from other devices without taking out your iPhone or iPad. They work with all Apple products, including the Apple Watch and Mac. You can easily switch between them by simply signing into the same iCloud account. The AirPods automatically switch to the audio output of the device when you switch from one device to another. In addition, they will pause playback if you remove them.

The Apple AirPods are the first wireless earbuds from Apple. They feature a microphone and custom driver that provides a natural sound quality for calls and Siri interactions. They also weigh only 0.14 oz. You can call Siri with the AirPods, and you can even talk to your phone using Siri. You can easily switch between devices thanks to their one-touch pairing and quick device switching.


The AirPods have become a popular accessory for the iPhone, and you might already have one, but it can get a little boring wearing white. You can add some funky design to your AirPods by purchasing a case cover for them. The best part is that most of these cases do not interfere with charging. If you are wondering how to tell a genuine case from a fake one, just look for a white color.

One of the most common AirPods 1st gen cases is molded to fit your AirPods, but not all cases are created equally. Most of them are molded to fit the AirPods case, but some of them are designed to look like a pillbox. Some cases come with built-in silicone bubble poppers, while others don’t. Regardless of what style of case you purchase, it is important to choose one that will keep your AirPods safe and protected.

If you don’t have a case, you can always buy a second-generation wireless case. These cases are compatible with both the 1st and 2nd-gen AirPods. The Gen 2 wireless case is an upgrade for the wired and wireless cases, and is also sold separately. If you already have a Gen 1 AirPods case, you can try to factory reset them. To factory reset your AirPods, simply close the lid on your case and wait 30 seconds, then open it again. Then, un-pair your AirPods with your phone.

If you have a wireless case, you can choose to charge it using the charging cable. You can also choose a wired case if you prefer to carry your AirPods without carrying a case. The wired case is more convenient, but you will need to plug in a charger when you need to charge it. Wireless cases, on the other hand, have a built-in charger. The wireless case is more expensive.


If you’re looking to purchase an Apple product, you’ll want to look into the AirPods 1st Gen. These wireless headphones connect to other devices via Bluetooth. However, you can only pair them with one device at a time. You can still keep multiple iOS devices in memory if you want. The case stores the Apple AirPods in the device’s memory and allows you to use them with other devices by opening the case.

The price of the first generation of Apple’s AirPods was $159 AUD (AU$259). However, as the product was updated with more features, the price has decreased. Currently, you can buy the AirPods with the wireless charging case for $199 in the US and PS199 in the UK. The price of the second generation has not changed, but Apple may increase it in the future.

The new AirPods give users three hours of talk time per charge. The previous version offered two hours of talk time. While this is not much of an upgrade, Apple is rumored to be reserving the features of the next AirPods. These new products should be out by 2020. And as you can see, the price is worth it! So, do not delay your purchase, but take a look at the current models.

You should definitely upgrade to the third-generation AirPods. They have improved batteries and IPX4 water resistance. And as they’re two years older than the third-gen AirPods, they’re not very cheap. So, do yourself a favor and purchase the latest version. It’ll be worth the price difference. And you’ll enjoy a premium sound quality with them! With their superior battery life and wireless technology, the new AirPods are the perfect accessory for a smartphone or smartwatch.

Social awkwardness

AirPods were a slow start due to supply constraints, but since they are now available in abundance, the social awkwardness associated with using the headphones has diminished. While AirPods are not as socially awkward as the ill-fated Google Glass, the users have trouble removing their headphones while out with friends. The users’ inability to detach their AirPods has also affected people around them.

Whether you’re a millennial or a senior citizen, the AirPods are a great accessory. But they can also cause awkwardness in social situations. When you’re out in public with AirPods, the person behind you is more interested in your iPhone than in you. Your iPhone is always more important than the human in front of you. Your attention is diverted to the iPhone and, effectively, the person in front of you is rudely ignored.

Battery life

If you’re using Apple AirPods, you’ve probably noticed that the battery life of your device is decreasing. This is because AirPods use a lot of power. As a result, the battery’s maximum capacity decreases over time. This degradation is caused by many factors. In some cases, the battery can even catch fire or explode. Although battery degradation is inevitable, there are a few tips you can follow to minimize its impact.

Charge the AirPods frequently. Do not leave them exposed to extreme heat. If possible, store them in a cool, dry location. Do not use the Smart features of the device while charging. Likewise, do not leave them in direct sunlight for prolonged periods. It also helps to charge the battery as often as possible. Batteries tend to die faster when exposed to extreme heat. If possible, avoid using AirPods in extreme conditions.

If you use Apple AirPods often, you should expect about three to five hours of usage. This includes talking time. If you use them for music, the battery should last around 5 hours. When you use your AirPods for your phone calls, you can extend the battery life by allowing your iPhone to charge it every fifteen minutes. If you use your AirPods for business, you can also extend the life of your batteries by charging them more often.

Using the Bluetooth features of Apple AirPods will activate the wireless feature of your iPhone when you’re near it. The Bluetooth feature is useful for streaming music and movies, but it will drain your AirPods’ battery. To avoid this, only open the case when you’re using it. Additionally, be sure to store your AirPods away from extreme heat or direct sunlight. The best way to maintain battery life is to use them only when necessary.

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