Astro A20 Wireless Headset Review – what should you need

The A20 wireless headset is designed specifically for Xbox One. The 40mm drivers deliver stereo sound and competitive edge. It broadcasts in an interference-free 5ghz wireless band for low latency gaming audio. If you’re a gamer, you’ll definitely enjoy the A20’s wireless capabilities and the competitive edge it provides. However, it’s worth noting that some users reported sluggish performance.

sluggish equalizer button

The Astro A20 wireless headset has a sluggish equalizer button. The Astro Command Center on the left ear cup does not have a helpful text to accompany the illustrations on the unit. This is a minor complaint since the headset is not meant for gaming in an expensive environment. It does, however, include an equalizer button for adjusting the volume of your sound. However, you may find this feature a little overrated given its price tag.

The ASTRO A20 Wireless Headset offers three sound profiles, each tuned for gaming audio. Using the free ASTRO Command Center software, you can tweak each input and output parameter and even create custom EQ modes. Despite its affordable price tag, it provides good sound quality. It also comes with a sluggish equalizer button, allowing you to toggle between the three different sound profiles and switch between them with one press. The sluggish equalizer button on the Astro A20 wireless headset is a minor inconvenience, but is a common complaint among users.

The A20 Wireless Headset has three EQ modes to select from. Among them are Astro mode, Pro mode, and Studio mode. Astro mode emphasizes the bass, while Pro mode focuses more on the mids and highs, while Studio mode provides neutral sound for gaming and chat. It also allows users to adjust the audio level of a game or chat conversation by adjusting the balance with the EQ button.

sluggish start guide

The ASTRO A20 Wireless comes with a 1.0m Micro USB Cable that you need to connect to your computer. Connect the wireless headphone to the transmitter, and make sure that the amber LED light on the A20 is lit. Then, download the ASTRO Command Center from the manufacturer’s website. Once you’ve downloaded the software, you should be able to pair your A20 with your PC.

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