Babelary Reviews – How to Check For Scams and Find the Best Reviews

If you are thinking about buying products on Babelary, you need to know more about its performance. Most online stores are scams, so you have to be extra careful and read reviews carefully before you decide. The average score of Babelary reviews is about 0.27, so you shouldn’t be tempted to buy from it. However, there are a few tips to help you find a good product on Babelary. This article will tell you how to check for scams and how to find the best reviews.

Average review score

It is difficult to discern the authenticity of Babelary’s reviews. Its Facebook pages list its addresses as locations in India and the Philippines, but these seem inexact. Moreover, this online store is clearly a Chinese enterprise, and the presence of these incorrect locations suggests that it is part of a network of Chinese ecommerce websites. Moreover, the company’s PayPal account is connected to Guangzhou Luokui Information Technology Consulting Center, a company based in China. However, there is no mention of the company’s location on the Babelary website, and the website is largely a Chinese-language site.

Although Babelary is a relatively new online store, there are a few things to keep in mind before purchasing anything from it. First of all, there are no proper reviews for the website. Most of the comments are posted on Scamadviser’s Facebook page, and the owners are not responding to comments. Thus, the website is rated as high risk by Scamadviser. If you are not able to find a review online, don’t hesitate to leave one on the site.


The Scamadviser page of Babelary does not appear to belong to the company. There is no information about the company or its website on this page. Instead, it mentions a UK company called ‘Bumperr Ltd’ with multiple Chinese nationals holding directorships. This does not give us confidence that Babelary is legitimate. Therefore, Babelary is rated as a high risk by Scamadviser.

The Babelary website does not link to its social media profiles. However, it does have two Facebook pages. Both of them are used for advertising purposes. Furthermore, Babelary appears to be part of an organized network of Chinese ecommerce stores. Additionally, the pictures on the Babelary website are not authentic. They have been edited. Regardless of how real they look, Babelary is unlikely to be legitimate.


While the website claims to be a Chinese company, this is simply not true. Babelary is operated from China, and the company itself is not entirely original. Its products are available on countless other websites. Even the pictures on the site are not necessarily representative of the items being sold. Many are simply stock images. Moreover, the pictures on Babelary aren’t even original, as they’re often edited. This is a major red flag.

Babelary isn’t operating with the same integrity as Orangigi, a popular site that sells clothing and accessories. In fact, I have deduced that the website runs on the same shell company as Orangigi. These sites use edited stock images of models, and the actual products are vastly different. Therefore, it’s impossible to tell which products are from the two websites. However, we can’t be certain based on their authenticity and originality, so we’ve done some research.

Scam status

If you’re searching for Babelary reviews, you’ve probably noticed that the website has a meager trust score. Depending on which scam checker website you use, this could mean that Babelary is a fake. It has a low trust score of 10/100 based on phishing reports, scam reviews, and public data. This is not surprising, as the website is only 78 days old and has a low trust score overall.

Question and Answer Regarding Babelary Reviews

Q1 – Is Babelary really legit?

Ans- According to many sources Babelary is not trusted in some cases.

Q2 – Can we believe on Babelary ?

Ans -Most online stores are scams, so you have to be extra careful and read reviews carefully before you decide.