Cutecubs Reviews – The First Episode

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Review of Cutecubs Reviews

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Grizzly bear cubs and Me

The first episode bridges the gap between natural history and pet rescue. It shows how cubs survive by using their nose, climbing skills and foraging habits. It also shows how trainers train them to be independent. When the snows disappear, they’re sent to explore the forest by themselves.

The Grizzly bear cubs were found in a cardboard box near Moscow and St Petersburg, where they were raised by a family that specializes in raising cubs. They were then adopted by Gordon Buchanan, who is half grizzly and half cuddly. In order to make their way out in the wild, they had to break off their ties with adolescent bears.

Despite their cuteness, bear cubs are still dangerous. Studies have shown that humans get more injured by bear cubs than by full grown bears. Most attacks happen because humans get between the mother and her cubs or if they walk up on a lone bear.

First episode

The first episode of Cutecubs is an educational one. This show bridges the gap between animal care and natural history by showing viewers how bears survive in the wild and how to raise them as pets. The series features information about bear foraging techniques, the ability to smell, climbing and other skills, and how trainers train the cubs. In the first episode, the trainers whisper around the cubs, but soon send them out on their own to explore.