Asobu Bottle – A Gift For Dog Lovers

If you’ve got a pet parent, you’ll know how hard it can be to buy a perfect gift. Dog owners may especially appreciate the thoughtfulness behind dog-themed gifts, such as the Asobu Bottle. There are several options out there, from lids for YETI Ramblers to Wipe Your Paws door mats. Asobu Bottle makes dog-themed gifts easy to buy.

Asobu Bottle

Aside from being a high-quality water bottle, the Asobu Bottle doubles as a dog bowl. Available in two sizes, the bottle comes in four different colors and is guaranteed to last for at least a year. The bottle is also easy to clean and comes with a one-year warranty. Many dog owners recommend the bottle as a gift for dog lovers. This review focuses on the bottle, but you can find similar reviews for other Asobu products.

YETI Rambler lids

You may have noticed the new stainless steel YETI Rambler lid on some standard water bottles. While the lid will fit most standard bottles, it has an insulated interior that will keep drinks hot or cold. This lid also keeps your hands warm or cool. A great gift for dog lovers is a YETI Rambler lid for a dog lover.

Casper bed

The Casper dog bed is designed to provide true support for your pup’s joints. Unlike a dog bed with thin stuffing, the Casper is made with two layers of foam for true support. The fabric cover is machine-washable, and the memory foam inside offers a soft, yet durable structure. Casper uses memory foam to create a more natural feel that simulates the feeling of loose earth.

Wipe Your Paws door mat

If you love dogs, you’ll love the Wipe Your Paws door mat. Made from natural coir, the vibrant designs are great for any door. It also acts as a great scrubbing surface to scrape away any dirt at your front door. As a bonus, it can be used as a housewarming gift! Order your Wipe Your Paws door mat today!

Casper plush toys

For your best friend who loves dogs, there are plenty of options for gifts for the pet-loving person on your list. Casper plush toys are a classic choice that any pup will love. Their two-layer foam construction is made from visco elastic memory foam and polyurethane support foam. These toys are extremely durable and comfortable for your dog to sleep on. Casper also offers a variety of toys designed to fit different types of dogs, from tiny pooches to giant breeds.

Casper homemade dog meals

Whether your gift recipient is a dog lover or a pet owner, the Casper bed is an excellent option. Made from two layers of foam, it has the same durability as its human counterpart. Plus, it’s machine washable! Even better, your gift recipient can personalize it with their dog’s name. If you’re buying the bed for a dog lover, give them one that they can customize for their dog.

DNA kit screens for more than 250 dog breeds

The Orivet DNA kit for dog owners allows them to identify over 250 dog breeds. The kit also features over 130 genetic mutation tests, including the MDR1 gene that determines drug sensitivity. In addition to breed identification, this kit also provides information about the dog’s adult weight. A veterinarian can then customize a wellness plan based on the dog’s genetic code. Embark DNA’s database includes more than 250 breeds, including Pit Bulls, German Shepherds, and Chihuahuas.

Custom pet portrait

Asobubottle creates personalized pet portraits using a variety of mediums. These are often digital prints and lack the richness of “real” paintings, but the process is still worth it. Besides their wide selection of styles, they are also easy to customize. They aim to create the best portrait possible by capturing unique features and characteristics of each breed. This Etsy shop has received glowing customer reviews and a 98% 5-star rating on Etsy. Customers appreciate the sleek and trendy design and the guided design process.

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