The ’90s Are Back on Roblox Day

The ’90s are back in a big way on the Roblox virtual world! To celebrate the return of ’90s fashion, players can don Chipotle ’90s uniforms when rolling burritos. The new virtual items inspired by this era of fashion include Chipotle Guacman, Foil Fanny Pack, Cheese Frosted Tips, Spoon Shades, Doodle Bandana, and Chipotle Pepper Tie Dye Shirt.

Chipotle Burrito Builder

If you’re a Gen-Z gamer, you’ll probably love the new Chipotle Burrito Builder game. It’s a simulation of an actual Chipotle burrito builder, except you’re not actually at a Chipotle. Instead, you’ll have to roll out virtual burritos, fumble with wraps, and stay on time to meet customer requests. If you fail to meet the deadline, you’ll lose your game and have to try again.

The Chipotle Burrito Builder is a fun way to pass the time while earning free Robux Gift Cards. It ties in the game’s metaverse. The metaverse is a popular digital space and has gotten a lot of attention in recent months. This new partnership with Chipotle is an example of how brands can make their virtual presence more valuable to users.

Chipotle has promised free avatar items for players who play the new Roblox game. However, details on the specifics are scarce. Players must first unlock Chipotle’s Burrito Builder minigame to receive the free burritos. These items may not be available outside of the Roblox experience. This collaboration will bring free burritos to Roblox players!

NERF’s NERF-branded experience on Roblox

A new partnership between Hasbro and Roblox has launched an exclusive line of Nerf blasters for the Roblox platform and a new special edition Monopoly game. The Roblox Nerf lineup features seven NERF blasters inspired by iconic Roblox games such as ADOPT ME!, MAD CITY, and PHANTOM FORCES. Each of the blasters includes a code redeemable for a virtual item within the Roblox gaming platform. The Nerf blaster lineup will launch in August.

The experience will consist of an immersive gaming environment that blends digital and physical elements. The experience will allow players to unleash virtual blasters, practice their aim on a practice range, and collect exclusive virtual items. Players will be able to teleport to a number of popular experiences, including Jailbreak, Mad City, and Murder Mystery 2. The new game will also feature a trivia section where players will be able to learn about the Nerf brand in the game.

Chipotle’s involvement with Roblox

Chipotle has announced a new game for Roblox Day that will allow users to roll burritos. Players can use these virtual burritos to redeem coupons for real-life food. In addition to the virtual burritos, players can also earn coins for playing the game. Chipotle is the second major brand to make an entry into the Roblox metaverse. Its previous experience included a Halloween game in which players could win a virtual ’90s-inspired uniform. Chipotle claims that many of its millennial fans have visited the original Chipotle restaurant.

The first outage happened around 9AM on Saturday and did not affect any specific experiences or partnerships. But many players have speculated that the giveaway of free Chipotle burritos might have been the cause of the outage. The giveaway began one hour prior to the server crash. Despite the outage, Roblox is not blaming Chipotle for the outage, nor has it explained exactly why it happened.

Chipotle’s involvement with Roblox comes as the brand looks to expand its presence in the kid-friendly gaming community. This time around, the brand has created a virtual storefront where fans can access free burrito codes and wear Chipotle-inspired costumes. Players can also unlock ’90s-themed virtual items, such as ’90s fashion and uniforms. The first 100,000 Roblox players will receive an entree code for a free burrito.

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