Superlove Album Review – Colours Reviews  : In this review, I discuss the flaws in Superlove’s release strategy and their inconsistent output. I also talk about the vocalist of Baby Bird and Yours, Jacob, who sounds like Broco’s Matt Donnelly. Ultimately, I’m a bit disappointed by Superlove’s sporadic output, though their lyricism is consistently strong. Read on to find out what I thought of the band’s latest album.

Baby Bird and Yours’ vocalist Jacob sounds like Broco’s Matt Donnelly

In ‘Colours’, Jacob sounds like Matt Donnelly, a former member of the alt-rock band Broco. But instead of scraping fractals and screeching twangs, Jacob channels Broco’s vocalist. Despite this, Jacob’s voice is rarely distracting, as his raspy tone is tempered by a chorus that’s replete with a fluttering melody.

The band’s layered harmonies and clever lyrics make their debut record one of the best releases of the year so far. Vocalist Jacob resembles Matt Donnelly, but the band’s songwriting is better and more consistent. Baby Bird and Yours’ single ‘Flight’ features Jacob’s smoother and deeper vocals, and the album’s ‘Matt Donnelly’ resembles Don Broco’s Matt Donnelly.

Colours is a clunk on

If the album title ‘Colours’ doesn’t give you a feeling of satisfaction, it’s the album’s opening track, Save Yourselves, which has become one of the most streamed tracks on Spotify. The album, due for release on 1 April 2022 on Rude Records, is based on the concept of a colour wheel. Each hue evokes a different emotion, and the album concept reflects this.

The album’s title is a metaphor for the band’s own identity crisis. The band was born from a similar background to that of a digital-era MP3 generation, and their sound is eclectic without feeling claustrophobic. Colours features thirteen songs, each with a different theme. Songs like “wanna luv u” and ‘Bestfriend’ evoke a sense of hyperpop.

Inconsistency in Superlove’s output

Inconsistency in the output of Superlove is a problem, but the band is clearly doing what they want to do. While their sound is original and workable, it could be tightened and they could show us more of their true selves. That said, Superlove are an impressive creative all-rounder. The band’s latest album is an alright stepping stone. Read on to find out why.

Colours – The album’s debut is slightly inconsistent, despite the fact that it features some of the band’s best work. ‘Colours’ is a slightly less diffuse genre pile-up than other albums by the group. The music has a lampshaded presentation and seems to cherry-pick elements from a variety of genres without considering their overall musical impact. Still, the band’s lyricism is solid and the production is well done.

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