Sweardle Is NSFW-what should you need

Sweardle is a four-letter word puzzle game that resets each day at midnight. It consists of four different alphabet words, which you’re given four times each day to solve. Like Wordle, sweardle is NSFW, but unlike that game you get a bonus word each time you solve a problem. Luckily, you can retry the puzzle as many times as you like. But be warned, this is not a game for children.

Sweardle is a four-letter Wordle clone

Sweardle is a four-lettter Wordle clone that asks players to guess a word with the fewest possible guesses. It works similarly to Wordle in that the letters change color depending on the word’s location and absence. However, each word only has four letters, so users only have four chances to guess each day. However, they can share the guess they’ve made on Twitter or Facebook, or copy the link to paste into their clipboard.

Another four-letter Wordle clone is Sweardle. This game is a bit more challenging than Wordle, as you’ll have to use all of the four letters to make the word. It also allows you to use six-letter words, and there’s no limit on how many puzzles you can play each day. There are many Wordle clones available online, including Sweardle, so you can find the one that suits you best.

It’s a daily game

Sweardle is an addictive word game where you have to guess a word based on its four-letter structure. Swear words are often four-letter words and you have four chances to guess the word correctly. To play the game, you need to tap the free Sweardle tile and you’ll be prompted to guess the word. In order to play, you’ll need to guess the word correctly in four tries.

The game is a twist on the classic Wordle. Each letter in a word is a different color. Once you guess a word, your guess is reflected in a cloud of words and tags. You can play a previous wordle puzzle or play unlimited random Sweardle puzzles. You can even play an incognito mode to get unlimited clues for your guesses.


You’ve probably seen the term “It’s NSFW” on the internet, but what does it mean? The term “NSFW” stands for “not suitable for work.” It describes a wide range of internet content, from nudity to old-fashioned gore. The term is often accompanied by cryptic code in online forums and chain emails. But before Facebook and other social media sites, the phrase was used to denote inappropriate content.

It’s NSFW for a reason. NSFW content is generally not appropriate for a work environment, such as pornography. The term has since expanded to encompass all kinds of inappropriate content. Whether a piece of content is violent, graphic, foul, or politically charged, it’s NSFW for a reason. You need to exercise discretion if you’re going to watch it, and keep it private.

It uses expletives

An expletive is an unnecessary, crude, or offensive word that fills space in a sentence. It is also used for grammar and rhythm purposes. For example, “sad” is the opposite of “happy.”

Some examples of expletives include the word “fuck” and the “R-word.” A television cooking show hosted by Gordon Ramsay uses the word “fuck” 80 times in 40 minutes. Although the term was originally derived from a sexual reference, it is used as an angry expression and a humorous expression. For example, “fuck” is commonly used to tell someone to get the hell out of their way.

It’s free to play

Sweardle is a four-letter variant of the word game Wordle. This app will help you laugh out loud as you guess the word within four guesses. The app also has social hooks, such as a public Facebook page that you can connect with. You can even share the results without connecting your social accounts. While this game is free to play, it is not for the faint of heart. It’s not for the very young, but it’s great for the whole family.

To begin playing, you must select a free Sweardle on the homepage. You will be given four tries to guess the word. After the first two tries, the color of the letters will change. You must then click the enter button to submit your answer. After you have played the game a few times, you can play it again for free. You will get 4 attempts, but you can save your last one so you can try again if you lose the first two.