Wireless Tattoo Machines | Top 5 Wireless Tattoo Machines

The FK Irons EXO follows on from the Spektra Flux wireless tattoo machine and offers unstoppable power. Its 9-Watt brushless motor enables colour packing and requires fewer passes to saturate ink, reducing the trauma to the skin. Its ergonomic, forward-weighted grip and 40mm rotary shaft ensure maximum control and eliminate wrist pain. With all of these features, the FK Irons EXO is the ultimate machine for tattoo artists.


Solong has successfully incorporated the wireless technology into the tattoo industry. The EM171 Wireless Tattoo Machine features a knob-style design that provides one-handed voltage adjustment. The EM171 provides maximum freedom and precision with its wide voltage output range. The machine’s German coreless motor delivers high performance with low noise and vibration. It also features a long-lasting, stable working. Solong wireless tattoo machines have a sleek and ergonomic design that makes them comfortable for long-hour use.

Another key feature of the Solong tattoo machine is its magnetic integration. It makes it easier to remove the RCA adapter and battery add-on. This adds to the machine’s ease of use. Solong tattoo machines also feature an ergonomic design, with a comfortable handle that improves hand comfort. To improve handling, the manufacturer ships the machine with an additional aluminum grip. Alternatively, you can install gripping tape to the top of the machine. The Solong tattoo machine’s easy-to-replace grips also make it easier for you to keep your hands on the skin.

Cheyenne SOL Nova Unlimited

The Sol Nova Unlimited is one of Cheyenne’s newer wireless tattoo machines. It features newer functionality that allows it to hit just like a coil machine. Moreover, its battery offers a minimum of five hours of runtime and a full charge is achieved in three hours. Therefore, it is perfect for those who want to tattoo at home but cannot afford to purchase an expensive machine. Listed below are some other features of the Sol Nova Unlimited.

The Sol Nova Unlimited comes with a wide frequency bandwidth. Its speed is adjustable and can be set to achieve a dotwork effect or a full line. It also features two operating modes – Steady and Responsive. Steady Mode delivers an even and consistent speed without any give, while Responsive Mode allows it to adapt to any surface. Depending on the style of tattooing, the SOL Nova Unlimited is an excellent choice.


Dragonhawk has released two wireless tattoo machines, the Mast Tour and the Black Series. Dragonhawk Mast Tour is a portable tattoo machine that has an LED light and is suitable for solo or small group tattooing. The Mast Tour is the smallest of these two machines, and can be easily carried around and bagged for traveling. The LED light is built into the tattoo machine’s frame, which is detachable from the grip and frame part.

The Dragonhawk Mast Archer Wireless Rotary is a budget-friendly model, but has enough power to do a good job. It doesn’t require too many decisions to make before you start tattooing. You can get the 3.5mm stroke length for the best all-round performance. And it comes pre-charged for convenient travel. It has a battery life of up to ten hours and is extremely quiet. Regardless of the style of tattoo, you can count on the performance of this machine to last for a long time.


If you’re looking for a high-quality wireless tattoo machine, then look no further than Ambition. The company’s rotary wireless machine has a sleek polished surface and a visible LCD voltage display. Its coreless motor is capable of achieving 4.0mm needle strokes, making it a great choice for shading and lining. Plus, it’s ultra-quiet and produces minimal vibrations.

This tattoo machine is ergonomic and tactilely pleasant to use. The motor is located right in the center, giving you perfect weight distribution while tattooing. It runs quietly, allowing you to focus on your tattoo. The machine’s 4mm stroke provides an excellent lining and shading, and its battery lasts for up to 600 charges. You can replace its battery easily. It is compatible with all types of tattoo cartridges. This machine is lightweight and easy to carry.

The Ambition Soldier battery lasts about six hours and is rechargeable. It requires 1.5 to two hours of charging time. It is more affordable than most pens, and comes with a USB fast charging data cable. Ambition tattoo machines are suitable for most styles, including old school and tribal. Beginners can consider getting an Ambition soldier battery tattoo machine for their practice. It is reliable and powerful and is inexpensive enough to suit any budget.

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